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The Food Eatery Manager's Bible - Chapter II - Have a Map

In the restaurant/food service industry, it seems there isn’t much in the way of strategic innovation or cutting-edge products that isn’t common knowledge – or even copied outright – within a month or two of their introduction. How, then, are we supposed to attain and maintain our competitive edge?

As far as I can tell, the only big differential remaining is a company’s human capital. In the next decade, the prize will go to the companies that learn how to optimize the quality, performance, and innovations of their people. All their people. This is not easy or else it would have been done already. When you combine the transient nature of the industry’s workforce with the fickleness of human nature itself, it’s no great wonder it’s the last frontier.

There is a solution and it has three components: 1) building trusted, productive relationships with all the employees of the organization; 2) getting all the employees of the organization to think and act like entrepreneurs; and 3) convert every good decision, improvement, and innovation into lean processes that capture and institutionalize every gain before its lost. This last one not only ensures that you bank your gains along the way (necessary for competitive edge thinking), but it is the only way to free up your people so that they can continue to innovative and serve the customer.

Which is what this book is about.

Ron Hallagan

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