Hallagan Consulting

  1. Meet with team and discuss: is the customer king/always right? Explore your own mantra. Use your chosen mantra for every customer experience/touchpoint: is the mantra being met? What are the obstacles? Take each one and ask: how do we overcome this? Test your decisions/changes in real place/time and come back with findings. Tweak/improve/test again.
    1. Use role-playing examples to beta test customer service goals before testing them in real place/time.
      1. Review the science of “problem-solving”:
        1. Don’t forget to get managers on board first.

- The short term fix is always: how do we save the customer?

- Don’t forget the long-term fix or you will be destined to repeat the short-term problems.

a) Is there a permanent fix required? Management is as only as good as it’s follow up.

b) In case this problem arises again, how should we handle it in the future? Role-play to confirm.